Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Construction News

Just some brief updates you should be aware of:

-Some new construction photos of the Mythos coaster have surfaced here and here.

-Here's a simulated POV of what Wild Eagle will look like:

-If you didn't hear about it, DLP recently had an accident when a Big Thunder mine car literally derailed into the Rivers of America below on one of the steepest turns. Here's the initial news story:

And here's a new report after the coaster reopened:

-Here's a new look at Leviathon as of October 31st:

-Here's one you may not have heard of: the 4th Dimension coaster being built over at Dinosaur Land in China.

-Finally, if you haven't seen any photos of Legoland Florida yet, it is open. Good ol' Werner Weiss over at Yesterland has a nice before and after of the park. Looks like the history of Cypress Gardens was kept intact very nicely.


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