New for 2012

What's Confirmed
Canada's Wonderland: On August 18, 2011, Canada's Wonderland announced that Leviathan will be the park's new roller coaster for 2012. Leviathan will be the first giga coaster in Canada, in the park, and for Bolliger and Mabillard. The ride will stand 306 feet tall, with an 80 degree first drop and a top speed of 92 miles per hour. It will cost $28M and will open in May. Details can be found at

Carowinds: On August 24, Carowinds announced the addition of WindSeeker for 2012, falling in line with previously-discovered hints and clues. The ride will stand 301' tall, spin at 30 mph, and will offer a ride length of approx. 3 minutes. Read more about WindSeeker here.

Cedar Point: Cedar Point announced two additions for 2012 on August 19. The first will be the addition of a mat-racer slide complex at Soak City. The main announcement is the addition of a Dinosaurs Alive! walk through dinosaur park, similar to the one added at Kings Island earlier this season. Dinosaurs Alive! will be located on Millennium Force Island and will replace the veteran ride, Paddlewheel Excursions. More details here.

Dollywood: Dollywood announced Wild Eagle on September 6, their new coaster for 2012. As predicted, Wild Eagle will be a B&M Wing Rider, standing 210 feet tall and reaching speeds of 61 miles per hour. Over its 3,127 feet of track, riders will travel through a vertical loop, zero-g roll, an inclined Immelman loop, and a flat spin. The ride will open in March - for now, check out the full Wild Eagle site at

Dorney Park: Dorney Park confirmed on September 1 their plans to add Stinger in 2012. Stinger will be the former Invertigo coaster from California's Great America, but has been given a new blue coat of paint and a nice logo. Click here for more details.

Hersheypark: On August 2, 2011, Hersheypark announced Skyrush, their much-anticipated coaster for 2012. Skyrush will stand 200 feet tall, making it the park's tallest coaster, with a lift hill angle of 50 degrees and a first drop angle of 85 degrees. Riders will have a choice between two inner, floored seats, or outer winged floorless seats. Trains will traverse several high speed banked turns as well as five airtime hills, at speeds of up to 72 mph. The ride will cost $25 million and will open next May. Click here for our full article on Skyrush.

Holiday World: On August 3, 2011, Holiday World announced Mammoth, a 1,753 foot long water coaster with a price tag of $9 million. Mammoth will reach a height of 69 feet, with the largest drop reaching 53 feet at a 45 degree angle. With 8 LIM sections and 6 total drops, Mammoth will take the world record for the World's Longest Watercoaster from its sister ride, Wildebeest (2010). Speed and ride time have not yet been determined, and the ride is expected to open next spring. More details can be found on the Holiday World website.

Kings Dominion: Like Carowinds, Kings Dominion announced WindSeeker for 2012 on September 1. The ride will be the standard 301', and will be located near the Jukebox Diner in The Grove. More details here. Additionally, Kings Dominion will be adding Dinosaurs Alive! in the Old Virginia section of the park; read more about it here.

Six Flags America: SFA will be getting Iron Wolf from Great America as was predicted. The ride will be renamed Apocalypse: The Last Stand. Here's the official page.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: SFDK will add its own version of Superman: Ultimate Flight. Unlike the B&M flyers at other parks, this one will be a launched coaster from Premier, and will stand approximately 150 feet tall. Be sure to check it out - it's quite unique. Visit the page here.

Six Flags Fiesta TexasSFFT will be adding a 200-foot tall Star Flyer, "Sky Screamer," in 2012. It will travel at approximately 40 mph and will hold 32 guests. Check out the official page.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Like Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Great Adventure will be adding a Sky Screamer in 2012 as well. This one, however, will only be 150 feet tall. Check it out here.

Six Flags Great America: SFGAm plans to introduce it's newest coaster, X-Flight, in 2012. The roller coaster will be a B&M Wing Rider, standing 120 feet tall and reaching speeds of 55 miles per hour. It will feature five inversions, and will be approximately 3,000 feet long. More details here: X-Flight.

Six Flags Magic Mountain: SFMM will add the world's tallest drop tower for 2012, Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom. The ride will be added to both sides of the Superman: Escape from Krypton tower, which will give it a height of 400 feet. Check out the video below or visit the official page here.

Six Flags New England: As expected, SFNE will be receiving Deja Vu from Magic Mountain, although it will be renamed Goliath. It will stand 190 feet tall, and will reach speeds of up to 65 mph. Check it all out here.

Six Flags St. Louis: SFStL will be adding onto Hurricane Harbor, with the addition of two AquaLoop slides under the name Bonzai Pipeline.

Thorpe Park: Thorpe Park announced on August 1, 2011, their new-for-2012 coaster, "The Swarm." As was speculated, The Swarm will be a B&M Wing Rider, similar to the recently-opened Raptor at Gardaland.   The highlights of the ride include a 127 foot lift and a "head-first, inverted drop." The Swarm will include many quick maneuvers, fulfilling the theme of an apocalyptic disaster area. The Swarm will open next spring. More details at


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