Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Small Progress Update...

Hey guys,

I apologize for the lack of activity for the last few days. I've been out at Cedar Point and Kalahari, so at least this means that I can add those to the list of future Park Impressions. I'm going to try to have the pictures from Valleyfair up later today - they're uploading as I speak. As for the Kings Island Park Impression, I'm working on it, but it will be at least another week before I get it up.

On another note, Park Impressions is doing well. We've had our highest number of viewers ever this month, as well as increasing support on Twitter. I really appreciate it, so thank you!

As a final note, our poll will end tonight. It's been kind of slow, and I think this will be the last poll for a little while. I have a few other ideas for the site that I'm working on, so we'll see what happens. Keep an eye here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates!


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