Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 10: Wrapping Up

Today is my last day in Toledo before I head down south to the warm weather in Orlando! I'm really looking forward to the IAAPA Convention and Trade Show, as well as a few park visits I have planned. Unfortunately, most of today was spent packing and preparing for the trip rather than working on the iBook. I'll be continuing my work on it while I'm in Orlando nonetheless!

After spending the morning packing, I spent some time on the IAAPA website reviewing all of the info to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything. I also took this opportunity to look through all of the 100+ education sessions they would be offering. Many of them are so specific that they aren't quite relevant to me at this point, but I did find several good ones that I marked down on my schedule. I'm particularly excited for the Young Professionals Panel and the seminar on business planning for new & expansion projects.

I also took a moment to plan out the rest of my time in Orlando. Because the trade show only lasts from Tuesday to Friday, and nearly all the education sessions are over by Thursday, I'd be left with several days to fill. That's fine with me, as it will give me the chance to visit some of Orlando's world-class attractions and experience firsthand the best that the industry has to offer. Into my little planner I penciled in visits to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and a few other local attractions.

After all of this planning, I needed to make a trip to Maumee Valley for a few things. First and foremost, I needed to check in with my MV contact, Mr. Brown, to let him know how I'm doing and inform him of my plans. Once I said hello and let him know what I'd been doing and what I had planned for the following week, I headed up to Rollie's studio to check out some of the tech equipment. I knew that I would want a good camera for my time in Orlando, and fortunately he was able to hook me up with just what I needed. That means I'll have lots of photos from the parks and IAAPA, so look for me to post a link to those. I'll be leaving Toledo this weekend, so I'll have lots of very exciting updates to come. Keep an eye out for lots of fun posts and pictures!



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