Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 8: Home Again

I gotta say, after three great, full days at Cedar Point, it's been kind of quiet working back in Toledo. I started out the day by heading downtown to the library once again. I needed to take stock of my work and figure out what needed to be done. Unfortunately, it was a short day as I had separate dentist and orthodontist appointments this afternoon.

Knowing that time was in short supply, I grabbed a sheet of paper to jot notes as I looked through what exists so far. The book had been divided up into 9 sections: the earliest roller coasters, American trolley parks, an interactive section on trolley parks, an interactive section on Disneyland, a written section on Disneyland, looping roller coasters, the coaster wars, the industry today, and a conclusion summarizing the change in the industry. A few things were obvious from the beginning. As this had once been a creative writing ensemble, some of the too-creative bits would have to be reworked to be more information-based. I also wanted to move around some of the interactive elements and other graphics, as well as add to the existing sections. Related to that, I immediately updated the first section to include a paragraph on the Mauch Chunk Switchback Railway, as well as new photos of LaMarcus Thompson's patents.

I also wanted to see about adding a couple of new sections. Those will likely focus on Coney Island and the impact of the Racer at Kings Island, but I will have to do a bit more research first. I spent the rest of my time gathering books and other information to use as sources, and making touch-ups and minor edits throughout the book. After that, it was off to my appointments - I'll be back at it again tomorrow, however, so stay tuned for more!

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