Sunday, July 24, 2011

I spy a new tab...

What's that at the top of the page?

Thats our new 2012 Rumors tab, a place that we want to keep track of all of the rumored and confirmed additions for 2012. We've added a few of our own, but we want to see what you guys can dig up.

In order to make this page as good as it can be, we need your help. Please send us all your rumors, facts, anything you have to or just leave a comment on the 2012 rumors page. We want this page to become a comprehensive resource, which we'll update as announcements are made. Until then, we could really use your help. We appreciate it!

But what about the RCT3 tab?

Yeah, it was time for that to go. It didn't quite fit with the rest of the site, and, frankly, this page is already a lot better!

In other news...

  • If you aren't following us on Facebook or Twitter (please do so!), you wouldn't have seen my update on the Valleyfair Impression. It's done and uploaded, and we're adding pictures. We're looking at a Wednesday release if all goes well. As for the name, we're going for "Impression" instead of "Park Impression" now. It's cleaner.
  • We hit 1,500 pageviews today for this month alone! It's not much yet, but it's almost three times what we started out with in April. I really can't say thank you enough!


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