Thursday, July 28, 2011

Valleyfair, A History

Valleyfair's history may not be as long as some, but it's still always fun to look back at a park's past. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find much, but I'll post what I have. Valleyfair opened in 1976 for a total cost of $7.5 million with 20 rides on 26 acres. They were purchased by Cedar Point in 1978, forming the company Cedar Fair (Cedar Point and Valleyfair). High Roller was their only roller coaster until Corkscrew was added in 1980. The park continued to add other attractions, and a waterpark, but another coaster was not added until Excalibur in 1989. The park has continued to expand, adding notable rides such as Wild Thing, Mad Mouse, Power Tower, and Steel Venom. Their newest "big" coaster, Renegade, opened in 2007, and this year the park renovated their existing kids area to become Planet Snoopy. I couldn't manage to find any good old pictures or videos, but these aren't too bad:

1995 Brochure Page. From Click for larger image.

2003 Park Map. From Click for larger image.
2005 Brochure Page. From Click for larger image.

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