Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HodgePodge: Make-up for Week of August 14

I apologize for the lack of new material lately, I've been on the road and busy with other things as well. As a result, I had no time to post a HodgePodge! Hopefully this one will make up for last Fridays, and we should still have one for this week as well.


Photo courtesy of Screamscape.
Screamscape posted this picture of a teaser photo at Carowinds, reportedly located near Carolina Cobra. They point out that the design at the bottom looks very similar to the Windseeker structure. This would also fit with the "Mouthless Mutters" teaser.

Cedar Point
If you haven't seen it yet on our "New for 2012" page, Cedar Point has announced the addition of Dinosaurs Alive! (and mat-racer slides for Soak City) for 2012. Not only is this a disappointing announcement, but the video for it is almost laughable:

I'm not too excited about the dino-SOURs myself, but hopefully this means a larger than usual addition for 2013.

Westcoaster has two large updates from the D23 expo, including discussion on Shanghai Disneyland, DCA, the Fantasyland Expansion, Cars Land, and more. Check out part one here and part two here.

Europa Park
Europa Park released this great preview video for Mythos a few days ago. The animation looks great and the physical model is really impressive. Be sure to check it out:

Knotts Berry Farm
Windseeker is now opened at Knotts, and received a very positive review by the Los Angeles Times.

Six Flags New England
Masslive.com confirmed last Tuesday that Deja Vu will be leaving Six Flags Magic Mountain to be added at Six Flags New England for 2012. The ride will reportedly replace the Shipwreck Falls water ride. Screamscape additionally reports that it might be named Goliath. I'll have to agree with them on that one - not the best name for such a short ride.


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