Sunday, August 28, 2011

HodgePodge: Week of August 21, 2011

Cedar Point

Photo from PointPixels.
The Sandusky Firelands Chapter of the Red Cross is holding an auction for the last 49 rides on Paddlewheel Excursions, which will be removed at the end of the season to make room for Dinosaurs Alive! next year. The last ride will be given on September 5, and CEO Dick Kinzel will pilot the last boat. If you are interested in one of the last rides on this historic attraction, visit this page.

Europa Park

Photo from
Coasterfriends has another Mythos update, where wood is finally being put into place. Right now, they've been working in the tunnel, but the rest of the site seems to be ready for vertical construction. You can check out all of the photos here.

Happy Valley Wuhan

Photo from Vertical Horizons
Vertical Horizons has some great photos of construction on the new Gravity Group racing/dueling woodie, best known for the "High Five" element. The ride is really coming along - lots of track is in place, and this looks like another insane ride. Be sure to check out all of the pictures, they're really impressive!

Knotts Berry Farm

Photo from
Westcoaster has full coverage of Windseeker's opening at Knotts. Also in the report is a Haunt Construction update and some great pictures of Starlight Spectacular. Check it out here.

Parc Asterix

Photo from CoasterForce.
Parc Asterix is making progress on its new B&M Invert, according to CoasterForce. Concrete for the station has been poured, and supports and track are now being placed. The ride has not yet been named, but it is expected to open in April. All pictures can be found here.

Sea World San Diego

Photo from CoasterForce.
CoasterForce has posted a few pictures from Sea World San Diego, where land clearing continues for Manta. In addition to this site overview, they've posted a few more construction pics as well as some really nice-looking concept art.


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