Monday, August 15, 2011

An important message from Park Impressions

As Park Impressions will celebrate its 4-month anniversary on Wednesday, I wanted to take a moment to see what you, the readers, think of this site. We started out with a few basic news update and a short park review, and in four months have churned out countless HodgePodges, Photostreams, and written 9 large park Impressions.We've come a long way, but we want to get your feedback on the site, so that we can improve your user experience going forward. We're really proud of the success we've had, and would like to continue to add new features as we grow.

The survey below will ask you a few questions about which Park Impressions features you like the best, how often you visit the site, and which new features you'd like to see added in the future. We're working on a few different projects, but we want to get your feedback to make sure that we're headed in the right direction. Please take 5 short minutes to answer this brief survey:

Click here to take survey.

With your help, we aim to continually improve our site and enhance your experience with Park Impressions. We appreciate your continued support!


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