Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hersheypark is at it again!

Hersheypark is at it again with a new marketing campaign as confusing as Nantimi was. This
time, the Ride Institute of Technology seems to be involved, with another viral campaign. They've just launched their new website, which is filled with clues. If you navigate to the "About" page,
some of the profiles seem a little off. Dr. Julian Julliard is a member of ACE (American Cinema Editors), and Dr. Stevie Ray Rose has "reversed longstanding beliefs in air-time, acceleration, and barrel rolls?" Something is definitely up.

What's more, if you head over to Screamscape or Theme Park Review, you'll see that both of them are sporting RIT logos. If you look even closer, they appear to flash something every once in a while. I decided to download the images and see what I could make of them.

Sure enough, they were animated GIFs. Luckily, my computer separated the images automatically. Here's the separated Screamscape image:

Notice the code at the bottom? This is what appears when the image flashes. TPR's image has one too:

It looks like the first four digits will be hidden in a similar image. The problem is, it hasn't been found, and its not in the logo on the RIT site. As for the meaning, some have suggested that the 12th star that the griffon is holding is symbolic for a 12th coaster at Hersheypark. Additionally, when you add the digits together in each four-digit code, it adds up to twelve. Tricky stuff! We'll have more as we find out.

For ongoing discussion of the RIT mystery, check out Theme Park Review.


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