Saturday, April 16, 2011

Windseeker Topping Off and Tokyo Disney Resort Report

Hello! I'm Wynn and I'm really excited to announce Park Impressions, my new blog! A bit about me: favorite park is Cedar Point, I've been on just over 100 coasters, and I love playing Roller Coaster Tycoon. I plan to post most of my photo trip reports here, as well as the occasional news update.
For domestic news, Cedar Point has now topped off their Windseeker:

Workers are now busy installing the queue lines. On another quick Cedar Point note, OnPoint's new blogger Becca has released her first PointCast! This time, she's here to learn more about the off-season maintenance that some of their carousel animals go through. You can check it out here:

Onto Tokyo Disney...

Tokyo Disneyland reopened yesterday, April 15, after they had been closed due to the Sendai Earthquake and tsunami last month. Due to power shortages, the park will only be open until 6 p.m. The park also plans to reduce their electricity usage by limiting indoor and outdoor light use when possible, and restricting the use of escalators, air conditioning, and electric hand dryers. Additionally, for every guest that enters the park through May 14, Tokyo Disney will donate 3oo Yen (about $3.61 USD) to the Japanese Red Cross Society to benefit the recovery of areas affected by the disasters.

The only damage reported to the park is minor. Liquefaction in the parking lot has been repaired. At Tokyo Disneyland, some rockwork on Big Thunder Mountain is being repaired after damage was reported. At Tokyo Disneysea, the only damage was to an acoustic tower in the Mediterranean Harbor, which has since been removed.

Tokyo Disneysea will open at a later date along with the Tokyo Disneysea Hotel MiraCosta, while both the Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel have opened with Tokyo Disneyland.


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