Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Propulsion Dynamics: First RIT Research Report Released

The mysterious Ride Institute of Technology has now posted their report on Propulsion Dynamics. The "company" uses a lot of text to basically say "Dirt might cause propulsion. This is the same as what we discovered in '04." The report goes on to imply that the clay, specifically, are not bound by most traditional laws of physics, and, through manipulation, this clay can absorb the forces of high-speed propulsion.

Overall, the report seems a bit flaky. Just the type of thing that a fake company might be able to come up with. They also talk a lot about creek beds, which happens to be where Hersheypark has been busy working. If it wasn't obvious already, something is up between the two. The drawing in the report, however, is the most interesting point, from a ride standpoint. It clearly depicts what looks to be a roller coaster support that is anchored in this magic clay. All the more reason to suspect that Hershey is getting a new coaster.

The site says that the next "report" will be released next Monday, so until then, you can read the current one here:
Propulsion Dynamics Report

I'll be back soon with more news and Park Impressions. Thanks for your support!


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