Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday General News Update

In U.S. News:

Busch Gardens Tampa -
Cheetah Hunt has now moved onto testing the second launch, which leads into the tower section. RCPro has photos and a video here.

Hersheypark -
The local news has caught onto the RIT buzz, where they interview Lance Hart of Screamscape and other park officials. Additionally, blueprints with a potential layout have been posted to TPR. Right now, it's looking like an Intamin creation. Join the conversation over at Theme Park Review.

Sea World San Diego -
As workers continue to prepare for Manta in 2012, most of the site has now been cleared. Check it out over at Screamscape.

In International News:

Heide Park -
According to Screamscape, some of the theming that did not open with Krake may not be added for next year either. The elements included a tunnel themed as a wrecked ship and a "mouth" that the train would travel through. Screamscape reports that the items delivered, however, were deemed unsafe. Lets hope they take care of it.

Liseberg -
Liseberg's new Gyro Drop, Atmosfear, is now open! You can check out an opening-day reportd at CoasterForce.

Tokyo Disney Resort -
According to the OLC, Tokyo DisneySea will open on April 28, along with the new Fantasmic! show. The park will also return to its previous operating hours of 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.


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