Friday, May 6, 2011

HodgePodge: Week of May 1, 2011

Park Impressions is pleased to announce HodgePodge! HodgePodge is intended to be a new feature, replacing the General News Updates but differing in several aspects. Instead, a HodgePodge will focus on just a few key news updates from the previous week, and will report in more detail than the General News Updates did. Without further adieu, check out our first HodgePodge!

The mysterious Ride Institute of Technology is back with their study on Gravity Manipulation. The study itself is unimportant in comparison to the hidden code on the first page. You can easily notice an alphanumeric key near the bottom of the page, which doesn't seem to do much for us at first. However, if you highlight the large blank area, and then copy it into a document, you get this:

4 17 14 1 6 / 0 16 15 / 15 0 / 
19 17 , / 13 / 21 13 9 9 / 6 14 
22 17 / 13 8 18 0 4 19 14 15 13 
0 8 / 15 0 / 5 6 14 4 17 / 5 6 0

The alphanumeric key comes in handy for translating this, which comes out to "Reach out to me, I will have information to share shortly. Dr. M. Coupone."
Hopefully we'll see more soon, and of course the next study will be released on Monday. Keep an eye on the RIT website for more tricks!

Busch Gardens Tampa:

Courtesy of Busch Gardens Tampa
Cheetah Hunt is still undergoing the testing process, as well as adding finishing touches to the surrounding area. At least one train is now testing without water dummies, and another train has not had its additional designs (decals, etc.) added yet. Either way, the area is beginning to look fantastic; the park has really created a great atmosphere and theme for the ride! Check out more photos at Behind the Thrills.

Morey's Piers:

Photo from
Morey's Piers seems to have something up their sleeve, according to an article at The park seems to be planning a massive GCI Woodie for 2013, at a cost of $10 million, the park's most expensive addition to date. Unfortunately, the park will be forced to remove their original ride, the Wipe Out slide. The coaster will dive under the midway, and will span the length of two piers, forming a bridge between them. 
Unfortunately, it will not open in 2012 due to its sheer "size and intricacy", according to the article. For starters, look at those lift hill supports! Regardless, this coaster looks to be on the scale of GCI's Mountain Flyer at Knight Valley. If that's the case, I'm sure it won't disappoint!


- According to the Sandusky Register, Cedar Point's Windseeker will not open on time due to the extreme rain we've seen in Ohio this year. According to Kinzel, the delay will be brief.


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