Friday, May 27, 2011

HodgePodge: Week of May 22, 2011

Sorry for the break, but I've been terribly busy lately. The HodgePodge is back!

Busch Gardens Williamsburg
The park's new for 2011 Mach Tower has gone the way of the 4 Windseekers and is now delayed, according to Screamscape. Unfortunately, we can't blame it on Intamin this time, but at least the delay is expected to be short.

Busch Gardens Tampa

Screamscape has posted this great POV video of BGT's just-opened Cheetah Hunt! The ride opened on Thursday for its Media Day, and you can get a full report of the event over at Theme Park Review - just follow the link on their home page!

Kings Island
What is it with Cedar Fair and fires? Kings Island's new "Dinosaurs Alive" animatronic walkthrough park caught fire on Tuesday. Fortunately, only one dinosaur was damaged, and the attraction opened as scheduled on Thursday. At least it wasn't Windseeker...

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Green Lantern: First Flight at Six Flags Magic Mountain is now complete! Above, you can see two photos of the ride that the park posted to their Facebook page. The first shows the ride with just one track piece missing, and the second shows the last piece being installed. After a late start to construction, it sure has gone up quickly! Hopefully we'll see testing begin in the near future.

Six Flags Over Georgia

Theme Park Review has posted this POV video of the brand-new Dare Devil Dive Eurofighter! You can see more of their Media Day coverage here.


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