Friday, May 13, 2011

HodgePodge: Week of May 8, 2011

We're back with our second HodgePodge! Be sure to check out all of this weeks top stories below:

Busch Gardens Tampa:
With just a quick update, BGT has continued to finish up work on Cheetah Hunt. Testing is still underway and the ride sign has been installed. You can check it all out at BGTNation, with lots of great photos.

Courtesy of BGTNation
The latest Ride Institute Study is another puzzle, but since its release on Monday, coaster fans have managed to crack the code. Apparently each node in the image at the bottom of the page contains a letter, which comes out to DOCTOR_INTERVIEW. When you put this into the Ride Institute search bar, it leads to a press page. I have submitted a request for an interview, as the page recommends. We'll let you know what happens!

Knott's Berry Farm:
Westcoaster was out at the park recently, where they managed to get pictures of the (lack of) progress on WindSeeker. Oh yeah, and there's some pics from Disneyland.

Courtesy of Westcoaster
Six Flags Magic Mountain:
Green Lantern construction is now moving right along, according to a the Six Flags Magic Mountain Facebook page. Much of the track has been placed, and the park has posted a nice video of them installing one of the pieces:

Steel Coaster Poll (Mitch Hawker):
Mitch Hawker has released the results of the 2010 Steel Coater Poll! Bizarro at SFNE takes the top spot, with Expedition GeForce, Intimidator 305, Kawasemi, and Nemesis rounding out the top five, in that order. You can view the full results here.

Park Impressions News:
We're a little over half-done with our Siam Park City review, which should hopefully be up sometime next week. Also, Park Impressions is turning one month old on Tuesday! We know it's only a month, but we're still pretty excited. Help us celebrate by following us on Facebook and Twitter ;) Also, don't forget to vote in our poll, which ends at midnight on Sunday!


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