Sunday, September 18, 2011

Golden Ticket Awards 2011

2011 Golden Ticket Award Park and Ride Winners

Best Park - Cedar Point
Best Waterpark - Schlitterbahn (New Braunfels)
Best New Ride for 2011 - New Texas Giant
Best New Ride for 2011 (Waterpark) - The Falls
Best Children's Park - Idlewild & Soak Zone
Best Marine Life Park - SeaWorld Orlando
Best Seaside Park - Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Best Indoor Waterpark - Schlitterbahn Galveston Island
Friendliest Park - Holiday World
Cleanest Park - Holiday World
Best Shows - Dollywood
Best Food - Knoebels Amusement Resort
Best Water Ride (Park) - Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls
Best Waterpark Ride - Wildebeest
Best Kid's Area - Kings Island
Best Dark Ride - Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
Best Outdoor Show Production - Epcot
Best Landscaping - Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Best Halloween Event - Universal Orlando Resort
Best Christmas Event - Dollywood
Best Carousel - Knoebels Amusement Resort
Best Indoor Coaster - Revenge of the Mummy (Orlando)
Best Funhouse / Walk-Through Attraction - Noah's Ark

2011 Top 10 Wooden Coasters

10. Prowler, Worlds of Fun
9. Shivering Timbers, Michigan's Adventure
8. Hades, Mount Olympus Theme Park
7. The Beast, Kings Island
6. Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer Park
5. Thunderhead, Dollywood
4. Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce
3. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
2. Phoenix, Knoebels Amusement Resort
1. The Voyage, Holiday World

2011 Top 10 Steel Coasters

10. Magnum XL-2011, Cedar Point
9. Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point
7. Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park (tie)
7. Apollo's Chariot, Busch Gardens Williamsburg (tie)
6. New Texas Giant, Six Flags Over Texas
5. Phantom's Revenge, Kennywood
4. Goliath, Six Flags Over Georgia
3. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure
2. Bizarro, Six Flags New England
1. Millennium Force, Cedar Point

2011 Publisher's Picks

Park of the Year - Gröna Lund
Supplier of the Year - Chance Rides
Living Legend - Richard Kinzel

View the full 2011 Golden Ticket Awards PDF here.


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