Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday News: Coasters and Haunts

Happy Monday! Not a slow news week at all. I’m sure you’ve all heard about Avatar-Land, so I’ll refrain from mentioning that. Here’s some news about what’s going on in the amusement world.

In Australia, Buzzsaw opened Friday at Dreamworld. Shooting riders up 15 stories, it then takes a 360 degree turn before plummeting back down at 105mph. Plus, it has a haunted old west backstory. Here’s a nice shot of this mother courtesy of MiceChat:

Now, here’s something that really isn’t news, but it might be news to some of our readers. Here’s a video of the world’s steepest coaster, Takabisha at Fuji-Q Highland park, with the first drop at a straight angle of about 90 degrees:

So, I figured since it was nearing October, I’d share some haunted attractions with you. The first is called Blackout. It’s located in NYC for its second year run. Many have claimed this as one of the top 10 scariest haunted houses due to the mere fact that it breaks the rules of most other haunted attractions. You will be touched. You will crawl. You cannot talk. Oh, and did I mention you have to brave this alone?

Over at Knott’s, the Haunt is about to be underway. Some of the rides such as the mine train have been nicely dressed up for the season. If you go, don’t miss The Hanging! It’s the only show in the country to rival Universal’s annual Bill and Ted program.

Being an Ohioan, I have to share some favorite local houses of mine.  First up, make sure to check out Akron’s Haunted School House and Laboratory, the former of which used to be a real school. Admission is separate for both houses, but trust me when I say that you really need to go through both to get the full effect. The lab has three stories, and the school has four. These include some of the absolute tallest animatronics you’ll find in any haunted house as well as possibly Ohio’s biggest ball of lightening ever.

Also, The Factory of Terror, formally located at the old Hercules Tire Factory in downtown Canton City until last year, was awarded the “Longest Haunted House” world record by the guys over at Guinness. I think they’ll be keeping that award this year as well. Also, they have the longest mirror maze in the state, a new addition to the new location. Here’s their awesome logo:

And speaking of my home state, a special event was held yesterday to celebrate the memory of long gone, but not forgotten, Ohio parks. Here’s the website for more info along with great history pieces and photos:

And that should be it for now. I’ll be bringing you an update on Cedar Point’s Halloweekends event later in October. Until then, Happy Pre-Halloweening!


Steven Potts said...

As a former Ohioan, be sure to check out the Nightmare in the Wilderness in Lodi (near Medina)! I promise you it will be the scariest thing you will do this Halloween! It starts as a hay ride, then they drop you off in the woods and you will walk through many scenes and mazes, including a seizure-enducing one equipped with fog and an unstoppable strobe light.

Wynn said...

I'm definitely going to have to try Kings Island's Haunt this year. Normally these halloween events aren't my favorite, but if there's coasters nearby, I'm up for anything...

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