Friday, September 30, 2011

HodgePodge: Week of September 30, 2011

Time for this week’s HodgePodge. Here it is:

No, not THAT Hodge Podge. (And if you got that bad joke, you and I should be best friends.) Anyway:

Magic Kingdom

Well, according to, the announced revamp of the parking lot that has caused so many fans to be up in arms began to see changes on the 23rd. The lot, no longer representing famous mascots like Mickey and Minnie, now is divided into two sections: the Heroes lot and the Villains lot.

Hard Rock Park/Freestyle Music Park

DiscoverMyrtle Beach claims that the rides will be operating again at Freestyle Music Park possibly for the 2012 season. No news yet, but I’ve heard that a former investor of the park (back when it was known as Hard Rock Park) is getting other investors onboard for a re-opening. I’ve been keeping up with this park’s downfall, and it’s sad that it was doomed from the start. At least The Pavilion went out with some dignity. 

Six Flags Magic Mountain

One of my favorite sites, Roller Coaster Philosophy, has a nice piece on Magic Mountain coasters.

Knott’s Scary Farm

With The Haunt underway, a nice discussion thread is up at Theme Park Review that gives some trip report photos and the always-present TPR humor.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Theme Park Adventure has some in-depth articles and pictures on the new haunted houses and scare zones for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, this time themed around Hostel and The Thing.


International Rides Management is putting some old attractions from Morey’s Piers up for sale on Facebook. If you want to make a backyard amusement park in the vein of Neverland Ranch, this could be your big chance!

EPCOT Center

Finally, let me state that I don’t think this will ever be sold, at least not for a long time. However, I wanted to share this eBay auction by Mouse Surplus. It’s an old vehicle from Horizons retrofitted with the original speaker system by General Electric to play the theme song when you sit inside it. If you have at least $10 grand, I’d give it a shot.

That’s it for this week. See ya!


Steven Potts said...

Hey, just a heads up here. Cedar Point confirmed about a month ago that they are adding Dinos Alive and it will be located on the island which they are calling Adventure Island. The Kings Island Dinos Alive is NOT leaving next year either...

Reesie Cup said...

Whoops, thanks for catching that. I used some up to date sources, but looks like they were wrong. Double checking some other sites, it looks like this is the case.

This "Adventure Island," by the way is the former home of the Riverboat Excursion (aka the Western Cruse). I might mention this is a later post. The ride closed down very recently because the overpriced gas used to helm the (low attendance-laden) ride was polluting the river. Hopefully some of the sets along the bank will stay when the dinosaurs move in.

Wynn said...

I'm going to go ahead and take that section out, then. The rest looks great!

Reesie Cup said...

Thanks. I could re-edit it if you want.

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